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Our story

Janin and Jaclyn’s paths crossed in 2015 when Jaclyn was in search of a massage therapist for her newly launched studio, Yoga Den. Upon meeting Janin, Jaclyn knew she was the perfect fit for Yoga Den and the surrounding community. A friendship was born as they shared in their love of helping others feel cared for and restored. They found soul nourishment as clients stepped off the mat (or massage table) with a greater understanding of the connection between mind and body. It wasn’t long before Janin was joining Jaclyn’s restorative yoga classes to provide therapeutic assists to yogis as they sought to quiet their minds and calm their bodies. As their friendship grew, working alongside one another felt organic and simpatico.

In 2020, Jaclyn and Janin made the natural next step in becoming business partners. Janin is an everyday presence at the studio, greeting clients and serving the community while Jaclyn oversees the studio vision and logistics from her new home base in North Carolina. They look forward to Jaclyn’s visits to SC, where she and her family pick right up where they left off, co-hosting special events and workshops at the studio.

Our Team

 Jaclyn Vanderhoof  Co-Owner


Originally from Greensboro, NC- Jaclyn found her love for yoga once moving to Charleston in 2010. Pregnant, Jaclyn found that yoga and pilates helped give her energy and time to quiet her mind. In 2014 Jaclyn and her Husband decided to open Yoga Den with a vision of having Yoga for all. Jaclyn is very passionate about giving back to the community through the donation classes offered at Yoga Den.

Janin Desir-Spann Co-Owner

Janin’s passion for the healing arts came to life through her Swedish massage training in 1993 and has manifested itself in additional training and techniques over the last two decades, including yoga teacher training and graduating from the National Holistic Institute (NHI). She has dedicated her career to helping others alleviate the pain, stress and tension they are feeling in their bodies.
Before moving to South Carolina, Janin’s adventures included life in Venezuela with stops in Germany, California, Illinois and Florida. She immediately felt at home when she arrived in Summerville in 2014. One of the most impactful experiences of her yoga practice was the silent retreat she was a part of at the Satchidananda Ashram at Yogaville in 2017. She felt called to complete her yoga teacher training shortly thereafter, attending Yoga Den’s Durga Yoga School in 2018 where she earned her 200 hour yoga teacher training.
Janin’s favorite pose is Warrior II, she loves tapping into the sense of empowerment it cultivates. Her favorite moments in leading a yoga class are watching people find a deeper connection within themselves. She especially enjoys teaching restorative yoga and understands first-hand the relief it provides for those suffering with back pain.
Her passions also include Shiatsu, myofascial therapy and Chakra balancing through crystal lights. She and her husband are parents to four fur babies: two Siamese cats (Miyu and Yumi), their Great Dane Shiloh and a pit mix, Loba. Say “hello” if you see them dining at one of their favorite eateries or walking Shiloh and Loba at the dog park.

Tracy Strickland


Tracy has been actively in the Health and Wellness Field since 1979. She started exploring different ways to move the body through modern dance, water aerobics, and yoga. Her first Yoga Teacher Ragavon encouraged her to pursue teacher training but the timing was not right for Tracy to start that journey. Many years later, 2007: Darcy Jaskwhich, owner of The Yoga Loft encouraged Tracy to go to the Holy Cow Yoga Center and take the 200 Hour Registered Teacher Training.Tracy thanks Trace Sahaja Bonner(The Founder of The Holy Cow in Charleston SC) for supporting her as she took on the 200 Hour training. Trace knew how to make you laugh when you felt like crying. Tracy has had the privilege to study with a variety of master-level teachers who have inspired her. Anusara Teacher Stacey Collins: Vinyasa Flow with Rolf Gates:Jason Crandell for his skillful ways to break down poses to accommodate all students.Power Yoga with Beryl Bender Birch, and Yin master Paule Zinke .Tracy resides in Summerville with her husband Paul Strickland, daughter Perry 18, Midnight and Stuart Little the cats, Abella the dog, and Clergy the horse. Her oldest daughter is studying at The University Of Chicago Illinois. Tracy feels very grateful for her life!  

“Giving into fear doesn’t keep you safe ,it keeps you from trying, learning, and succeeding.”

-Joe Tichio


Anne Marie Clifford 


Anne Marie Clifford is a Charleston-area native and career educator with a passion for sharing the benefits of yoga with her community. After attending the Yoga Festival in Asheville in 2017, she was inspired to pursue the 200-hour instructor certification, which she completed in March of 2018. A life-long learner, she has already begun to earn her 500-hour certification. With a dedication to promoting the holistic advantages of yoga, she is happy to be practicing and teaching at the Yoga Den.

Lika Elwood


Lika’s dream came true when she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 in Washington DC, becoming a full-time yoga teacher. Initially Lika ( E-RYT 200) was drawn to yoga as a way to maintain her flexibility and strength but was intimidated by yoga’s spiritual and scholastic side which she did not find in previous experiences with ballet and modern dance. After a short time however she discovered the power of yoga as a path to a more balanced, compassionate, meaningful and happy life.Lika teaches well-sequenced yoga classes and workshops focused on creating a comfortable, non-competitive and SAFE space where students can explore their practice while challenging themselves regardless of their background and level of their practice. She incorporates guided meditation, pranayama and aromatherapy in her classes, always encouraging her students to find one breath at the time and be their own teachers by taking what serves them and leaving what does not.Over the years, Lika completed countless additional trainings and workshops in different styles of yoga, including Vinyasa Flow, Prana Flow, Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga, Jivamukti, Kids yoga, Aerial yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Restorative yoga. She has studied under the guidance of well known teachers such as David Williams, David Swenson, Shiva Rea, David Kyle, Tara Brach, Christina Sell and others. Lika continues to evolve as she sees herself in the position of student and a practitioner first and only then a teacher

Emily Frazier


Emily relocated to Summerville, SC summer of 2019 from Scottsdale, AZ. She is a married mother of 5. Her careers include training reining horses alongside her husband, vet-tech and vendor coordinator for the Arizona Quarter Horse Association.⁣⁣
Emily’s journey to the mat began in 2017 when her husband’s job moved them back to Arizona from Texas. Their youngest daughter was 8 months old at the time. She was feeling overwhelmed, tired and was trying to rebuild her community. It was during this time she went to a barre class for the first time after a friend asked her to join her. “ I remember feeling nervous and felt like everyone was staring at me. I didn’t know the moves, I was uncoordinated and all over the place. But when the lights dimmed and the music started pumping every worry, negative thought and emotion just flew out of my body. From that moment on I knew I had found my calling.”⁣⁣
Since that day in 2017, Emily has pursed her career in the fitness industry. She became a certified Barre above instructor in October 2018 and hasn’t looked back. She now holds many certifications including her AFAA group fitness certification. Emily had the pleasure of working with Scottsdale Arizona’s Figure Skating program athletes last summer at the Coyote’s Ice Den. Where she taught barre classes to the young up and coming athletes to help them build their strength, core stability and balance. “ It was such an amazing experience to work with theses incredibly talented students.”⁣⁣

Emily recently began her journey into the world of yoga and is continuing her education to include 200 hr yoga instructor

Liza Wilson


Liza is a certified kids yoga teacher who completed her training through the Charleston based company, Kids Yogaverse (kidsyogaverse). Before becoming a mom, she received her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and taught first grade for four years. After her first daughter was born, Liza began working part-time as a behavior specialist, doing ABA therapy with children with autism. Liza’s sister who is a yoga instructor in NC introduced her to yoga after her second daughter was born. Liza immediately knew she wanted to combine her new love of yoga and her passion for working with children. She loves seeing the excitement and joy yoga can bring to kids, as well as the calming peace they can attain through the postures and breathwork.

Jessica Munday


Jessica is a mom to four boys raising them intentionally with her high school sweetheart in Summerville South Carolina.
Her commitment to self work and self growth, along with her natural lifestyle, led her to the yoga world.
As a yoga teacher, she encourages her students to show up exactly as they are; there is no need for perfection.
With her warm, light hearted and humorous way of tackling life, Jessica knows that each and every person is on their own path in life and she encourages them to show up just as they are. There is room for everyone on the mat.


I am from New Jersey and started off my college career getting an Associates Degree in Science. About a year later is when I discovered my huge passion for yoga and realized that I want to teach others and guide them through their practice to better themselves.
I used to take Ariel Yoga classes as a teen and fell in love with it. Years later I got back into practicing yoga, and have been taking classes at Yoga Den for almost a year. It has helped my find a balance in life and my relationships and become more comfortable with who I am. I recently finished my 200 hour teacher training through The Yogi Life School and have expanded my knowledge on yoga immensely.
My favorite types of yoga classes are anything gentle or a Vin/Yin, and my favorite pose is crow! I am a huge animal and nature lover and would love to incorporate my knowledge of crystals and the chakras into my yoga classes. I encourage my students to show up to class as they are and take what they need from the mat that day.

Cait Summers


Cait Summers began practicing yoga 20 years ago in Virginia and her interest in Biology and Movement led her towards her practice. After moving to the Charleston in 2014, she found a home and a community at The Yoga Den and started her journey to further deepen her practice. The “Yoga Mamas” quickly welcomed her and her eldest son, Emmett with open arms and made them part of the family.
After dedicating much of her time to her young family, Cait decided it was time to invest in her passion. Certified in the multidisciplinary practice of Hatha and Yin yoga from Holy Cow Yoga Center in Charleston, SC; She is now also pursuing her 500hr RYT certification. Cait was given the Sanskrit name of Ambā, meaning Nurturer, during her teacher training do to her caring and selfless nature. She is passionate about helping and supporting others as well as encouraging everyone to be their best.
The balance of Yin (passive) and Yang (active) is important in life and in yoga for Cait. She leads an active life as a mother of two and as a military wife and finds passion and mindfulness in her yoga practice. She loves to sequence her classes with slower, intentional flows and functional movement as well as creating a calming space to let go of the chaos that we all hold onto. Cait also loves practicing the art of Yoga Nidra to help balance the mind as well as the body and soul.
Creating space for the mind, body, and breath to find Union is important for everyone. She welcomes All levels and understands that transitions can be hard but they are also Amazing Adventures!



Hi, I’m Meredith! I fell in love with practicing yoga in 2016. Yoga makes me feel like I matter, and it gives me a place to go where I know I am safe, I know what to expect, and where I can just be. Yoga remains the thing I go back to to recenter, to ground myself, to fall into when life gets the best of me. I became an instructor because I want that for you, too. When I’m not practicing, I’m a wife of 20 years, mom to a teen girl, tween boy, and the cooolest goldendoodle named Murphy, a volunteer, Auburn fan, and freelance proofreader. I can’t wait to see you on the mat!



Diera Bullard discovered yoga in 2015 and immediately fell in love with the many benefits, not just physically, but spiritually and mentally, as a result of a regular practice. She obtained a membership from the Yoga Den and Core Studio in North Charleston, South Carolina in 2017 to join a community of other yogis and dive deeper into her practice. Due to her passion and love for yoga and the community, she began teaching, hoping to spread the same goodness yoga brought into her life with others. She feels strongly that yoga should be accessible to every one at every level of their yoga journey. Diera obtained her 200-hour certification from the Yoga Den & Core Studio in December 2022.“Yoga has allowed me to see the beauty in all things, especially in the difficult moments. I have learned to embrace each experience with grace and learn the lesson that is being taught. Yoga has planted peace, joy and contentment as the foundation of my life and daily living, and in this I feel complete. This is what I hope to share with everyone I meet.”



Zaria originally from Charlotte, NC realized she has a passion for wellness and holistic health early on in her career. After moving to Charleston in 2020 to be closer to family, she started with pursing her dream of becoming a yoga instructor. Shortly after completing her 200 hours certification in April of 2022 she furthered her career even more by becoming a massage therapist and practicing Thai massage in May of 2022 as well. Zaria has a passion for helping within her community and learning as much as she can to provide the best experience with all she has learned and continues too learn. Zaria is excited to reach further into the community that she calls home in Charleston at Yoga Den and to provide a warm welcoming environment for all skill sets from beginner to expert and everyone in between.