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Self awareness guides us to the healing…

Welcome to Nativa. Allow me to share what is behind my work.

Native of Peru, I have resided in Charleston area since 2007, shortly thereafter I graduated from Southeastern Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy with the purpose of introducing energy work to my practice in holistic bodywork.
As I studied other modalities I gained extensive experience in treating chronic issues using Deep Tissue techniques. I then decided to combine therapies enabling me to help more effectively.
I started my own business, in 2015 merging ancient modalities used in different parts of the world to aid and help the body. That is why I called my business Nativa… meaning Native.
Recently in 2021, I became a Yoga Instructor to add a different approach to my practice. My goal is to teach specific techniques to help with mobility. These techniques will be featured in workshops in the future.

I specialize in energy work as well as correcting, preventing and in recovering from chronic issues by getting to the underlying causes.


Massage Therapist 

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A South Carolina native, Mark was first introduced to massage at the young age of 8yrs old when his father suffered a tremendous fall injuring his back. From there, Mark developed his self taught skills and began sharing his gift of healing touch with other family members, friends, and teammates as he got into recreational and high school sports.  After completing high school in 2000, he attended the University of South Carolina briefly before altering his path to peruse his massage career at the South Carolina Massage Therapy Institute. Upon graduating from massage school in 2002 at 19yrs old, Mark began his own business and returned to USC where he studied Exercise Science. During that time, he found work with local chiropractors and kept busy in his business contracting himself out to the Lexington County School Board, working with various charity outreach programs, and offered onsite massage services to clientele in their homes and business offices. 


After his time at USC, Mark went on to further his education at Midlands Technical College where, as class president, he completed the Physical Therapist Assistant program in 2010. Shortly there after, he would go on to become a certified Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner as well as a Certified Personal Trainer in 2012. 


In 2013, Mark transitioned from Columbia, SC to the Charleston area maintaining his massage therapy career working in local clinics and spas.  Shortly after making his way to the Charleston area he was enlisted to help rehabilitate an adolescent Loggerhead Sea Turtle at the South Carolina Aquarium. Additionally in his ongoing career based around helping people in as many ways as he can, Mark additionally completed the South Carolina Fire Academy where he obtained his Firfighter II Certification before becoming a First Responder in 2018. However, family responsibilities pulled him away from the service leading him back to the health and wellness field. Since then, Mark has returned in full to the massage and bodywork community and is eager to reach out and help those he can with his gifts.