Soul Stacks Bracelet Sets Assortment


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Let Soul Stacks® remind you of what’s important in life. Each stack is a carefully curated set of three stretch bracelets made with genuine semi-precious stones and exceptional metal beading. Subtle charms and tassel accents coordinate with each stack’s inspirational message designed to keep your mind focused and centered. Soul Stacks® semi-precious stones are carefully selected for their historically unique benefits to body and soul. Live life inspired. -Genuine semi-precious stones: Blue Lapis, White Howlite, Labradite, Aventurine, Black Agate, Rose Quartz -Three stretch bracelets per set -Unique spool packaging details the meaning of each stone -Quality metal beading, charms & message bar -24 piece assortment ships with free rotating counter display** -Reorder by sentiment in 4 packs **Display provided for Brick & Mortar stores only


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